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We live in a world that is changing more rapidly than ever before. Children will face a continual stream of new issues and challenges in the future. Things that they learn today will be obsolete tomorrow. To thrive, they must learn to design innovative solutions. Their success and satisfaction will be based on their ability to think and act creatively. Knowledge alone is not enough, they must learn to use their knowledge.

BCTLABS is an environment to experiment with new technologies and concepts in fun & hands on learning.
Our curriculum is meticulously designed for each grade and various education boards (MATRIC, CBSE, ICSE & IB). At BCTLABS, each child is seen as future's innovator and is nurtured accordingly.

BCTLABS provides a project based, hands-on learning solution, providing teachers with the necessary tools to implement hands-on project-based learning of key STEM concepts. The project’s challenges are based on the “Learning by Doing” methodology, encouraging students to develop problem solving, decision making and scientific inquiry skills and comprehend abstract concepts in a play way method. It allows them to investigate, plan, test and implement their ideas thus focusing on application of the STEM concepts and themes.


We endeavor to deliver 'New hands on Learning Systems' by Creating Platforms and Opportunities to Facilitate Students in Using 'New Age Technologies' To make 'Learning Language (English), Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM)' Fun and Natural. Students discover an exciting and important connection with real world applications, an experience that is vital for success in the 21st century.


Our vision is to see every child actively engaged in the seeing, doing and understanding of science, mathematics and language. BCTLABS can help students to enter the next level of education as technology literates and can be easily integrated seamlessly into the school system.


Through Passion, Integrity, Humility, Simplicity, Accountability & a keen focus on developing Interesting Ways of Learning, we strive to create a vibrant environment where ideas can blossom, humanity can thrive & success can flourish.


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