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I learning centre
What is I learning centre

I learning is one of a kind program in BCTLABS which focuses on the providing technical education to students which helps them for the perusal of the professional education.

STEM based hands on learning

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These are not just for the school "brainiacs". The benefits of learning these subjects spread across all areas of life and in every career choice. This acronym has been used in many political and educational settings to discuss innovation, work force development, and economic growth.

We believe STEM is the integration and application of four different content areas to produce a population who can make informed decisions about the world they live in. Math and Science provide detailed and robust content about the world. Engineering and Technology provide the environment where experiments can be created and the content comes alive and relevant.

BCTLABS believes the most important component of STEM is to "learn by doing". While the concept may be simple, the practice is challenging.

Our aim is for all students to know and understand the ever changing world in such a way that gives them the abilities and knowledge to make informed and educated decisions. These life-long and 21st Century skills allow students to make relevant decisions about their lives based on what they know and what they have experienced.

Design and Built

Help converting the ideas or thought to make able feasible solution. Students are able to visualize, conceptualize the problem in more simple and easy methods. This helps them to develop the decision making skills in more sensible way.

Scientific research has proven that once the student knows application of the concepts that he/she is learning, it fits in their memory permanently. Hence, BCTLABS Training programs are designed and mapped with the school academic curriculum to give the supreme learning edge to the students. Student’s innovation and creativity is given the utmost importance while teaching them robotics. Robotics knowledge enhances the Engineering abilities of the child in Electronics, Mechanical, IT Programming and Electrical as well.

Think and Innovative

I learning is one of a kind program in We help the child to think differently. The child to be more creative and innovative. We make our students to generated thought based on the STEM activity.

Problem Solving

A natural "how does it do that" response from kids leads to imperative critical thinking skills. Kids learn to rationalize and reason when learning about and imagining a robots potential. Finding out just how robotics can help with problem solving, leads to the conception of a myriad other possibilities and the opportunity to figure out just how to make them happen.

Decision Making

Understanding cause and effect is an essential life skill that we try to teach our children from birth. With problem solving and critical thinking skills, good and quick decision-making becomes a lot easier. Building and programming robots goes hand-in-hand with problem solving and taps directly into a child´s natural curiosity, which is exactly where great ideas and life-changing inventions are born.


The future of the world lies not just in being able to use technology, but also in developing it. To understand robotics kids need to be exposed to coding and programming. Finding ways to increase interest in STEM subjects, and their relevance to the exciting world our kids will soon be living in is becoming a crucial part of their education.


Interacting with other children, involving with presentation, activities etc will increase the confidence level in the child. This will help the child to progress fast in their careers.

Analytical approach

Students are able to visualize, conceptualize the problem in more simple and easy methods. This helps them to develop the decision making skills in more sensible way.

Motoring Skills

Understanding motors, gears, electronic components while implementing the STEM concepts results in increasing the motoring skills of the child.

Preschool – LEGO education

LEGO education enables every child to succeed in preschool through safe and durable solutions, developing preschoolers from where they are and promoting the use of social skills to help children collaborate and communicate with the world around them.Our playful learning solutions encourage children to discover their own capabilities and support the acquisition of fundamental skills to be ready for school and life. Name of LEGO Early Learning kits What they Learn and explore
1 Our Town Roles and responsibilities, Understanding relationships
2 Animal Bingo Taking turns ,Matching and counting
3 Play Ground Speaking and listening ,Understanding relationships
3 Build Me “Emotions” Sense of self , Sense of others, Recognizing and understanding emotions
4 Community People Set Roles and responsibilities, Role play
5 World People Set Respecting similarities and differences, Role play
6 Community Minifigure Role play
7 Community Starter Set collaboration
8 Story Tales Speaking and Listening
9 Fantasy Minifigure Set Role play and Collaboration
10 Sceneries Set Collaboration, Storytelling and Creativity
11 Tubes Experiment Set Problem solving and Asking question
12 Math Train Simple addition and subtraction, Numeracy
13 Café+ Mathematical language, Counting with money
14 Tech Machines Fine motor skill, Engineering and Problem solving
15 LEGO Soft Brick Set Creativity, Collaboration and Gross motor skills
16 XL LEGO DUPLO Core Set Collaboration, Shapes and colors
17 Creative LEGO DUPLO Brick Set Creativity and Fine motor skills
18 Wild Animals Set Sorting and categorizing, Exploring the world, Understanding relationships
19 Large Farm Speaking and listening and Role play
20 Multi Vehicles Set Exploring the world, Roles and responsibilities
21 Vehicles Set Roles and responsibilities, Fine motor skills
22 Creative LEGO Brick Set Self expression and Creativity

Primary – stem education

Stem based hands on learning courses for Primary ( Age 5+ years) – LEGO education Simple and Powered Machines gives students in-depth understanding of how simple machines and mechanisms work, while helping them in learning concepts such as Forces, Motion, Measuring and energy.

S.No Name of LEGO Early Learning kits What they Learn and explore
1 Early Simple Machines Curriculum Solution To explore basic mechanical principles such as gears, levers, pulleys, wheels and axle.
2 Simple Machines curriculum Set To observe and investigate the working of simple machines
3 Simple and Powered Machines Middle school curriculum solution To Explore Design Engineering with more advanced mechanisms, structures and forces.
4 Renewable Energy Add-on Set To explore solar, wind and water energy
5 Pneumatics Add-on Logical and creative thinking

( Age 7+ years) – LEGO education

In real world science projects, including engineering, technology and coding, students experience how science comes to life.

S.No Name of LEGO Early Learning kits What they Learn and explore
1 WeDo 2.0 Curriculum solution Enable students to engage in science projects through a combination of accessible software and hardware.
2 WeDo Construction Set Problem solving,Team work


Core stem courses (Age 10+ years)- LEGO education

Ignite student engagement and energize learning through real-life problem solving in computing science, technology, engineering and math.

S.No Name of THE Lego Kit What they Learn and explore
1 LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 To design, built and program robots using motors, sensors, gears, wheels, axels and other technical components, To understand how technology works in real-world applications.
2 LEGO MINDSTORMS Expansion Set this kit deepen their robotics experience with new structural and mechanical elements and additional building instructions and programs.